Try Uber Eats for a free lunch

I love having things delivered to my home.

I have no idea how moms did it before Amazon Prime was around. Are you telling me they took their kids shopping with them every time they had to go to the store? What about Christmas? What about birthdays? How is it even possible? We have tried Peapod a few times. It’s cool but it made us feel super lazy.

Then there is food delivery. We never had pizza delivered when we were growing up. If we ordered it, my dad went and got it. But we rarely ordered it when I was little. Not that I remember, anyway. The Rockstar and I have pizza delivered all the time now. In our last home, we were near a pizza place that also delivered pasta and sandwiches. We were set. But where we live now, there isn’t even any good pizza around that delivers.

Anyway, over the weekend we were working on some things around the house and had not made plans for dinner before we all of a sudden realized it was almost dinnertime. We still had to grocery shop so there was practically no food in the house. The trifecta:

  • Out of time
  • Nothing to eat
  • Busy bees

It was the perfect opportunity to try the very new and exciting Uber Eats! I have never even used regular Uber before. But I love having things delivered to my home! I love saving that time and doing other things with it. So we did it!

With Uber Eats, you can get just about anything delivered. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, fast food or fancy. It’s all game.

A hand holding a phone with the Uber Eats app open.So here is how it went:

I downloaded the app I had heard so much about. When I opened the app I had to create an account and make sure to tell the app exactly where I live. The GPS wanted to put me down the block but I was not going to have my dinner delivered to my neighbor’s house. I added my payment information and started browsing the restaurants available. I know that McDonald’s has been advertising that they are participants but all the McDonald’s near us were “closed.” There were a couple restaurants available that we had not heard of, but then we saw a pub nearby that I probably would not have considered going to for dinner, but the food on the Uber Eats menu looked super decent. We ordered a steak sandwich for the Rockstar. I got a buffalo chicken wrap. I ordered the girls a grilled cheese sandwich to split.

Once I placed my order and paid the $4.99 booking fee, which I can only assume is the Uber fee, I was able to track my order the whole time. The app told me that the pub had received my order and then for a while the app told me that my food was being prepared. As it got closer to the estimated delivery time, I found out who the driver is who was picking up and delivering my food to me. The app told me I don’t tip him, either. Then I watched his little car drive closer to my house on the map and once he arrived, he handed us our food and was on his way. The food was hot and fresh. We didn’t have to go anywhere. I was able to keep working around the house while I checked the app occasionally. Win-Win-Win!

Later, I had the opportunity to rate each item in our order as well as our driver. Cool beans!

The only thing that could have made the experience better is if I had gotten a promotional deal off my first order or something. As it turns out, it’s too late for me, but you can enjoy $15 off your first order if you use my code. In return, I get $5 off my next order. Just use this link to sign up: and enter my code: eats-lauras34461ui

Uber eats logo on wood table with bowl of steak salad

Have you tried Uber Eats before? Let me know in the comments. How was it? Where do you order food from?

Uber Eats pinterest graphic with personal code for $15 off first order with picture of a hamburger
Hungry? Get $15 off your first order on #UberEATS with my code: eats-lauras34461ui.