Something Fun | Day 1 SSSVEDA

I do totally realize that I’ve been mentioning how much I’ve been planning and how much I love being a planner and planny plann plan plan…. lately but it’s like totally true and on top of that I had to come up with something “fun” about myself for this month’s SSSVEDA challenge that I participate in over on my YouTube channel.

I think it is so difficult to decide what is “fun” about me. That can mean so many things! What do other people think is fun about me? I have no idea! What do I think is fun? I guess I never really thought about it. So I chose something that I have fun doing. And right now that is planning. Planning is a way for me to know what I need to get done so that I have time to do spontaneous things to fill in the blanks!

I love hearing how others plan or why they don’t plan or how they need to, etc. So leave me a comment about your planning status either on this blog or over on my SSSVEDA Day 1 video, Something Fun.