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Rose Gold Mason Jar DIY Shopping List

Mason Jars I don’t buy these, I save the glass jars from pasta, salsa, jelly, jam, spices, and even maple syrup. Some people prefer the look of the Ball Mason jars, so I’m including an online link to those.

Spray Paint Any color metallic paint will work for this project. I wanted the rose gold look and I discovered that you have to use copper spray paint to get the color and finish for this look. The rose gold spray paint is muted, not metallic.

Washi Tape You could use masking tape or painters tape for this too. I like washi tape because it’s the perfect width for this project and it’s super easy to reposition.

Trinkets I found these farm animal trinkets that we had thrown in some party favors a couple of years back. I have some leftover so I thought I’d incorporate these found treasures. For my next project like this, I’m going to use these sea animals.

Gorilla Glue I used this glue to stick the farm animals to the lids of the jars before I spray painted them.


Online & Social Media

For easy blog setup and hosting, I use SiteGround. It’s packed with resources and information, plus they do most of the work for you. I also looked around to make sure I got the best deal. The package that SiteGround offered was the most value for my dollar at the time I was looking. That means a lot when you’re first starting out.