Plans Change

Once a month I drive about 40 minutes to get the dog’s hair groomed by our favorite groomer. We’ve been going to her for six years. I think that makes her extended family. She’s awesome because she works with us to make sure we can get to her no matter where we are living in these Midwest suburbs.

The Rockstar and I have gone through several configurations of how to get the dog(s) to her. Because life. I take them, he takes them, we take them, we all (4) take them. Once we had kids, we had naps, schedules, car rides, etc. and they all had to be finagled. We’ve always had to have some kind of plan. The current setup, I have to admit, is my favorite. I drive out, drop him off, then hit the local Starbucks for an hour. It’s nice because it gives me some alone time. I get a coffee and a snack while I make quick changes to my blog or work on a new post. It’s a nice little slice of “Me” time that I’m not keen on giving up anytime soon.

Usually, it’s on Sunday and I can just go, but this time it was on a Saturday because plans change. The Rockstar was helping my grandma move and since I am gone during Evette’s naptime, my mother-in-law agreed to watch the girls. I love that my girls get so much time with my our parents. It’s nice having family nearby. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Now that is something I hope will not change.

Jett is trying out a new hairstyle. Furstyle? Because styles change.

Fresh Fur #mohawk