Plan With Me

Did you know this about me? I am a planner! I love the idea of covering a fresh, blank page with my ideas. Don’t you love it?
What is your favorite planner? Let me know in the comments.
As for me, I have become obsessed with The Happy Planner. OBSESSED. I love the stickers and the paper and the tape and all of it makes me so so happy. I’ve tried out a couple of other planners and journals and I always go back to my beautiful Happy Planner.
I love it so much I want to make it a real thing for me so I’m formulating fun little plans in my head (and let’s be real, I’m writing them down in a planner) to start up something new that revolves around planning and I am so excited about that. Hopefully soon I will get all my ducks in a row and can write up a big ol’ happy announcement post.
But I have to start somewhere and I wanted to try out a live Plan With Me experience to see if anyone out there is interested in my layouts. At first I was bummed that I didn’t have any live viewers, but in the end, it ended up being my most watched YouTube video yet! Maybe I am on to something here? At least for me?
I don’t totally want to clog up my regular vlog channel with Live Plan With Me videos. But it’s so so easy to do a live broadcast of something that I am doing anyway. So for now, I am going to try to put up one of these videos each week while still trying to ease back into vlogging after a much needed mental break.
As a bonus, and to keep me on point, I plan to follow up my live videos with a mini Plan With Me live on Instagram as well. I don’t know what the times are going to be because I still have to figure out if this is something I can (or should) be doing while the girls are around.
Here is what I do know. This is so fun for me and it Makes. Me. Happy.
So watch my social media for updates on when I will be LIVE so that you can join me and we can plan together!