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Atomic Lola

Wife. Homeschool Mama. Educator & Innovator. Blogger, Planner, and Friend.

Driven by a fierce love for my family.

Fueled by Coffee & Social Media.



We are a secular homeschooling family.  I go into my reasons for homeschooling, how I make ends meet, all my challenges and successes on my blog and my YouTube channel. I absolutely love talking about homeschooling. It wasn’t easy to talk about at first, but over time, I’ve seen how much it’s benefited our family. Follow our journey, ask questions, and connect with me over homeschool. 


Mommin’ It

Once day I decided I wanted to learn how to build an e-commerce website. I wanted to build a store around something that I am passionate about. And that is how Mommin’ It came to be. For more about Mommin’ It and to buy some shirts, click here



I’ve been using the moniker Atomic Lola since the days of my first website. So when I started making plans for my own small business, I launched several new outlets for my personal brand. This includes my website, Atomic Lola, and my YouTube channel. I’m also on TikTok and Pinterest.


I have had two main roles in education and you might be surprised by how different they are, but it’s not that far out there! I started in education as a general music teacher and later in my career I moved on to be a Technology Facilitator, which means I coached teachers in my district on integrating technology in their classroom.