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Technology Concierge

What is a technology concierge? Well, for a long time I considered what I love the most and also what I do best and decided that the best description for these two things is technology concierge. I have a passion for productivity and a love for all things tech! I’m always looking for a good tech smashup and have even made a career of supporting others in technology integration at home, at work, and in the classroom. Here on my blog, I share the challenges of building a safe and fun home where technology enhances our life but doesn’t infringe upon our rights or futures. I also write about tech tips and hacks to make the workday more productive. Finally, I’m always sharing the resources I find to use in the classroom and in homeschool. I don’t take technology lightly or recommend “all the things.” I like to weigh decisions carefully and research fully. Therefore, you can trust that anything written about here has been considered carefully. So that’s where the technology concierge comes in. I listen to concerns and supply others with solutions, much like a concierge does. I just do it with technology! These posts are just some of the ways that I have successfully utilized tech to make life better. You can let me know how I can help make your life better with tech by contacting me here.

If websites or graphic designs are what you’re looking for, I can do that too! Again, feel free to contact me here to let me know what you need and we can get the conversation going. I’m here for you!